6177 Jog Road, Lantana Square  |  (561) 868-0500

Our History

To all our loyal customers, the time is finally here.

N.Y.P.D. II Restaurant is celebrating 14 years.

Forget the other restaurants ‘cause this place is not the same.

You’ll never find a warmer home where the people know your name.

Focaccia on the table, and garlic rolls so hot;

just a little something that’s sure to hit the spot.

Traditional selections of pasta, chicken, veal and fish;

or maybe have some pizza, we make it as you wish.

Cheese or Fresh Tomato with a crust so crispy and light;

your mouth will start to water after every scrumptious bite.

Come see us for lunch to find a gourmet pizza surprise;

Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza, you won’t believe your eyes.

For dinner, please come hungry and I say this with caution,

Your belly will not be able to handle all the portions.

When you have a party and the cooking you can’t do,

have the boys at our place cater it for you.

Just take a seat with Stevie, our caterer extraordinaire;

he’ll help you plan a party with real Italian flare.

Picture-perfect pizzas Ryan will create,

So we don’t get upset when he shows up 10 minutes late.

Our family has a joker, Peter’s always playing,

Fortunately no one understands a word that he is saying.

Then there’s Papa Giorgio to keep them all in line;

though at times he feels like he is slowly losing his mind.

So please excuse the screaming, we try with all our might,

but like every close knit family, love can start a fight.

But when the night is over and the last table is cleared,

we always end the night with laughter, jokes and cheers.

So why not come to a place with a great community feel;

where schools, police and firefighters always get a deal.

N.Y.P.D. II Pizzeria and Restaurant, 14 years of customers true;

We will never forget, we are here because of you.


Cheers to 14 years!

Since 2002